High performance panels for
Consciously crafted buildings.

A new generation of building technology

Hiberna Modular designs and manufactures structural wall systems for exceptional buildability, liveability and affordability across New Zealand.

Our high-performance panels are the result of over a decade of practical experience constructing, researching, designing and assessing straw bale homes.

We’re committed to key sustainability and environmental principles.


Consciously created from locally sourced materials: engineered and manufactured to specification.

Hiberna Modular make it easy for home-owners to choose environmentally sustainable solutions.

Our proprietary fixings and specifications make it simple for architects and builders to integrate and use Hiberna Modular panels, in similar ways to standard timber frames.


Highly insulating locally sourced, compressed straw (and optional wood fibre board). R Value 5-8 depending on product.

Acoustic baffling, naturally integrated through insulation properties.

Versatile use with any external cladding where a cavity exists, or opt for a lime/lime stabilised earth plaster. We can supply these in bulk pre-mixed (*some design requirements existing for external plaster finishes.)

Strong our bracing panel is stronger than a plywood brace wall at 160 NZ BU.

Designed for comfort with panel thickness at 270-430mm (vs. 90mm or 140mm – standard house), our panels provide comfort, no matter the conditions.

Want more technical information and specifications on our panels? Download our information brochure.

Locally sourced materials sourced entirely from the lower south island reducing carbon miles.

Low carbon our construction method uses around half the carbon of standard construction and helps to store huge amounts from the atmosphere.

Cost effective  double the wall width at a similar price to 140mm timber framing (with batts.) No gib stopping or painting required.

Time efficient  manufactured offsite, incorporating proprietary fittings designed to improve build/ fit time once on the slab.

Choose Hiberna Modular

Hiberna Modular brings together modern build standards and an age-old building material to create a new building solution.

With nearly 40 years of experience in the construction industry between us, we knew all too well that the options available to NZ to use locally sourced building materials and environmentally sustainable insulation was limited.

The time to construct an eco-home takes too long. The price too high.

Warm, comfortable buildings, affordable to construct, locking carbon into the build, and returning it again – safely and sustainably – to the land at the end of the buildings life.

This is technology that is good for the planet and for people.

Structural Panels that Capture Carbon

What gets measured gets managed.

We now have the data to prove what we’ve known all along: our structural panels store four times as much carbon than is emitted during their production. And not just carbon from thirty years ago- from right now.


  • Do I need a cavity over straw panels?

    Typically yes - Hiberna Modular Panels can be used with almost any exterior cladding, and like any building requires a cavity between the framing and the exterior cladding. The exception to this is direct plastering over the exterior. This requires a different approach to design to protect the framing (panels) from the elements - again like any framing does. We can provide a risk matrix for your specific design, taking into consideration the need for a cavity, or otherwise. Please contact us for more information.

  • What is the thickness of the panels?

    Our Standard panels are 300mm thick (vs. standard NZ timber frames which are 90mm or 140mm). The thickness of our panels allows for the cosy R Values offered by our product. Thick walls also offer acoustic baffling, structural soundness and impart a feeling of comfort and security.
    New Zealand has six distinct climate zones. We manufacture to regional climates to ensure the energy efficiency of buildings. Sometimes we may recommend wood fibre-board as well to boost the insulation value or even a thicker panel if you want to meet passive house standard.

  • Can straw panels get water damage once the building is complete?

    Like any building and building materials, if there is a roof leak or poorly installed window, water damage can occur.  Water damage in a finished building is no more an issue with straw panels than it is any other building or construction material.

  • Can the straw panels get water damage during construction?

    The panels are protected during construction and until the roof is installed, similar to other framing.

  • Are these SIPS panels?

    Hiberna Modular Panels are structurally insulated panels - with a difference. Rather than use polystyrene as the insulating material, we use compressed, locally sourced straw. The R Values, sound baffling and construction methods are very similar to standard SIPS, however our footprint on the planet during build and for the life of each building is significantly less (if not negligible.)

  • Why choose Hiberna Panels over timber frames?

    The structural quality and buildability of Hiberna Modular panels is similar to a standard timber frame. However our walls are thicker and R Values higher than a 140mm timber frame, insulated with batts.  Our panels naturally baffle sound, without  specific fixings or additional materials.