Better for today. Better for tomorrow.

We created Hiberna Modular to offer architecturally suitable, environmentally sustainable, deeply liveable buildings, specifically for New Zealand’s diverse climate.

Our Experience

Building with an embedded environmental consciousness is not new for us: we’ve been building this way for over fifteen years. Constructing our first highly insulated, passive solar, airtight building back in 2008 ignited a passion for building drier, healthier homes that has never waned. Since then we have built homes in timber frames, SIPs, straw and rammed earth.

We’ve now combined our practical experience of construction methodology with our knowledge of energy efficiency to create Hiberna Modular. Our specific structural panel design, construction methods and pricing are all the result of years of hard- won experience in this field. We know this industry inside-out.


Our Philosophy

We believe houses should be warm, comfortable and beautiful. Construction should be quick, simple and local.

Homes should be useful for the life of each building, then materials thoughtfully, and safely, able to be returned to the earth.

Everyday homes, architecturally designed masterpieces and unique buildings can be environmentally designed and built-  easily. That’s our philosophy. That’s Hiberna Modular.

Our Mission

We’re driven by a resolve to have a net positive impact on our planet. We founded Hiberna Modular with one mission: to offer a building solution that is part of the climate solution rather than contributing to the problem, for the benefit of future generations.